7 Ways to Relax When you Can’t Get A Massage

Everyone needs to get a massage every so often. Getting a massage is a relaxing experience with the right setting, calming music, and the perfect pressure points. Besides all the things about massages that make you feel good, there are many health benefits that make them necessary to book periodically. Stress management is one of the top benefits.

Unfortunately, time and finances don’t always permit having a spa day or professional massage at the drop of a hat. At those times, you should find other ways to relax and release tension. You can find many easy, cost conscious ways to shift your thoughts and recharge. Use these ten tips when you feel yourself getting stressed, overworked, or just want some personal time to relax.

Take a Warm Bath

You don’t need a Whirlpool each time you want to relax. Filling your home tub with warm water will do the trick. Add some bath salts or calming essential oil like lavender. Get a full spa effect by using some sugar scrub to rejuvenate your skin. To set the tranquil mood, you can also add a few candles or inscents and turn on your favorite playlist.

Use a Massage Chair

The next best thing to a professional massage is a spa chair. It’s more convenient to access and more affordable. Getting your own chair to use at home is even more reasonable. As you’ll learn on http://www.shiatsuchairs.net/, a good massage chair can get pretty close to the real thing. The settings allow you have to have different speeds, levels of pressure, and types of massages. You can use a massage chair to relieve tension until you make it to to your regular masseuse.

Give yourself a Scalp Massage

Scalp massages are good for improving blood circulation. They also help release natural oils and help with hair growth. It also happens to be a great way for you to relieve stress quickly. Certain scalp massage techniques can also relieve headaches. The easiest scalp massage is to rub the balls of your fingers around on your scalp in a circular motion. Continue this motion until you’ve covered your entire head.

Boost your Mood by Swimming

Any type of exercise helps to combat stress, but swimming is one of a few that will really put you in a state of relaxation. It also helps to fight off depression. When you swim, your body’s neurotransmitters react by producing hormones that reduce stress and boost your mood.

Even if you decide not to take a dive, just being near water will bring you peace. There’s something about hearing the waves crash, a stream flowing, or just being in view of a pool that relaxes your mind. A huge portion of your body is made of water, so you’re connected to it.

Practice Yoga to Relax

Yoga is a less strenuous way to exercise and relax. Even without the intense workout, you’ll still get the same results of an uplifted mood and released tension. It also increases circulation. Yoga uses breathing techniques, stretching, and focusing your thoughts to reduce anxiety. The calming music during the practice contributes to the mood also. When you can’t get a massage, take a Yoga class or do it at home.

Have a Calming Drink

You’re probably thinking about kicking back with a cold beer, stiff liquor, or a mixed drink. If that helps you relax after a hard day, do what works for you. Something healthier like an herbal tea or smoothie will do even better and give you all the health benefits. If you’re into hot herbal tea, try chamomile, lemon balm or passionflower. For more convenience, you can just pick up the Sleepy Time tea that already has the perfect mix of ingredients for a relaxing evening.

Smoothies will have the same affect in a different type of drink. For a fruitier cold beverage, you can mix your herbs with your favorite fruits and vegetables for a delicious stress reliever. Adding produce with vitamin B and Zinc helps calm anxiety naturally. You can find a ton of stress relieving smoothie recipes online.

Do Nothing at All

The world moves at a fast pace that keeps you busy. Sometimes it’s helpful to just slow down and do absolutely nothing. When your work day is over, you should take time to rest. Try not to take work home or have it on your mind. You should even take some time away from your phone. Clear your head of all thoughts and take a moment to be still.

Moderate levels of stress are helpful in motivating you to reach goals. Higher levels aren’t healthy, so you have to find a way to relax and suppress tension. You know your body and when you’re feeling overwhelmed. In those moments, you should add healthy activities to your life or slow down to relax and recharge.