Back Pain and Construction Work

Working at a construction site is one of the hardest jobs you can ever handle. You work long hours doing manual labour for the whole day long. One of the issues that affect construction workers is back pain. Many stop doing this job when they start experiencing the symptoms of back pain that seem not to go away.

We want to help you make sure you are in the best shape to continue doing the things you love – these simple tips will help you prevent injuries at the construction site!

Wear a Back Brace

Debate has raged on about wearing a back brace and whether it helps your back or not. The brace is ideal for those that lift heavy weights from one place to another. The brace helps you when you have to work yet you are having back pain. It supports your back and forces you to lift using the proper technique that is lifting with the knees instead of the back.

The brace is made in such a way that it offers additional support when you are lifting the object. The straps make sure you force the back into the proper position for lifting, with the knees bent, which is a great way to prevent sprains, back strain and pulls. Choose the right brace that is comfortable and easy to use.

Stretch before Your start Working

Stretching before any work can seem like a simple step, but it helps you tremendously. As you work, your muscles become taut and can lead to injuries. Stretching before you work keeps the muscles relaxed and active the whole day. You can stretch the whole body, but if you don’t have the time, then go ahead and stretch the neck and the back.

Cut Down on the Weight

You might think that you will look more macho in front of your colleagues if you lift the 100-pound item, but this is not the case. You might look macho, yes, but your back ends up suffering. The weight might lead to a pull on the back or muscle spasm. It is advisable that you carry lighter loads or go for some extra trips.

If you cannot separate the item into smaller pieces for easier carrying, you can ask your colleagues to help you carry the object to the intended destination. If you have a cart, then use it instead of lifting the object.

Even if you are using a trolley or a cart, you need to follow the right lifting procedure when loading the object on top. Remember you ought to lift with the legs and not the back as most people do. Proper lifting helps you avoid the injuries that occur to your back.

Take Breaks

Handling repetitive tasks makes your muscles to tighten and be prone to injury. It also reduces the flow of blood to the back, which reduces the efficiency of the muscles. What you need to do is to take frequent breaks so that you let the muscle relax before you continue.

Take Care of the Body after Work

After a long day at the construction site, you need to take care of the body so that you are ready for work the next day. Using ice and massaging the muscle is a great way to reduce existing injuries from progressing. Free Your Spine recommends that you use Turmeric supplement to reduce the pain and reduce irritation.

In Closing

Working at a construction site isn’t easy. You do manual work that requires you to lift and move heavy objects. This puts your back at risk of injury. Take precautions to make sure you keep the back healthy and protected.