Bringing Home the Best Part of Yoga Class

Yoga can often be a much-needed respite for most women because it can act as a refuge from their daily routine. Working or stay-at-home mothers, businesswomen, most women who multitask in their lives just need a little time to themselves from the rigors of their responsibilities. Yoga can serve as that down-time, because it is calm, soothing, it centers the mind and body, it provides a good work out, there’s even a spiritual element attached to it, and these are just some of the things that women look for in their leisure activities. For many practitioners, it’s about the work out for the mind if not the body in every practice and I think a lot of women appreciate the cerebral component of yoga.  This isn’t to suggest that some women don’t want to drink beer and watch football with their free time, but the traditional ideals of female-based leisure activities include some modicum of these aspects.

Taking part in this activity made me understand why some men have no interest in it. The common misconceptions that men aren’t made to stretch into these positions and injury might occur were definitely prevalent on my mind. Frankly, I was also a little bored and more than a bit discouraged when I wasn’t able to do as many of the poses as I thought that I could. They looked very difficult, I can’t stand on my head. Taking the class, I realized that some of the poses were easier to achieve than others.

When I want to go for a workout, I’ve never thought of yoga as challenging enough. Taking this class, I realized that I was wrong, I got a heck of a work out trying to get into these poses…that is when I could do them. I felt some frustration when I kept looking around at everyone else in the class getting into these poses whereas I could not. But they were more experienced than I was, and looking back on it now, I probably should have taken a course that was easier than the one I selected. I chose a more intermediate class when I may have done better in a beginner class. I underestimated yoga, plain and simple.

Needless to say I was thrilled when it was over, I slunk out of the studio and headed over to the juice bar that was in the lobby outside. I sat down and checked out the huge blackboard of blended smoothies, each infused with healthy vitamins and other ingredients with names like flaxseed and spirulina (which, guess what, is pond algae). I stuck to something a little more conventional, yet in keeping with the healthful wellness that is the very embodiment of traditional yoga practice. It had four different kinds of fruits and yogurt and some other stuff that I don’t recall but was recommended to me and in just a few minutes I was enjoying a rather delicious smoothie. The juice bar had been outfitted with some super-fancy smoothie makers to make their superfood smoothies. I inquired about the make and model of these incredibly fast and efficient blending machines and the guy behind the bar told that he was in charge of outfitting the studio with them. He had been on to read up about the best models available and based his purchases on the reviews that he had seen on the site. So I did the same thing, checked out that site and found the exact machine they were using at the juice bar. I clicked the link in the review and it took me right to Amazon where I bought it immediately. It couldn’t have been easier and now I have one of those smoothie makers in my kitchen.

I’m guessing I won’t be back at a yoga class anytime soon, it just wasn’t my thing. But I respect it and I definitely discounted how tough it was to practice. I will always be happy that I took it though, if for no other reason than for my new juicer/blender. It really was the very best part about that yoga class and I use it everyday.