Your business could gain a lot from marketing on Instagram

With over 700 million users covering a wide range of demographics, businesses are using Instagram to build and grow their brand. They see this social media platform as a great opportunity for both growing brand awareness and also introducing new products, as over 60% of people that buy products online say they discover new products on Instagram.

What are your businesses marketing goals?

Before you start your businesses marketing campaign, it is important to establish your goals. Instagram can be used to achieve many marketing goals such as increase your brand’s awareness, introduce new products and services, drive traffic directed at Instagram.  It is a great tool to build a stronger following. Once you have determined your goals you can decide who your target audience is.

Know and understand your followers to get better results:

By realizing what demographics your selected audience falls under it will make it easier to target them and provide better service for them by posting content that is more relevant to them and their needs.

Posting quality content is important:

Posting high – quality content, writing engaging captions and using hashtags relevant to your target audience you will be on the right path to running a successful marketing account on Instagram. However, do not forget about interacting with users to increase engagement.

How to engage with users:

While posting quality content is important, do not forget about engaging with users. This is critical if you are to be successful in developing your account. If you do not interact with users your following will not grow and can actually stagnate and decrease in followers due to lack of engagement.

There are many strategies to increase engagement. The ‘follow, like, comment’ is the most effective method to use to grow your account and gain more followers. Find and follow accounts that are similar and relevant to yours. You can do this by searching relevant hashtags.

Then you interact with them by liking and commenting on their posts in hope that they will reply and possibly follow you back. This method is effective, however, it is very time consuming and there is no guarantee that targeted users will follow you back. You can use automated tools to help you do this.

An Instagram Bot can be used to increase your accounts engagement:

Instagram Bots are effective tools that can be used to not only increase engagement and gain more followers but also to optimize and manage your account.

To increase engagement the Bot will use the same manual ‘follow, like, comment’ approach mentioned before. However, as the Bot is an automated service it will do it on autopilot, therefore doing all the hard work for you.

Therefore it is very time efficient as well as effective. The Bot will not target random irrelevant accounts. It will target users by searching hashtags relevant to your target audience.

There are many effective Bots available in 2018. writes about the safest ones along with other Instagram marketing approaches to maximize your accounts following and engagement.