How to Double Your Pinterest Followers in a Few Weeks

Everyone wants to gain more traction and increase followers on Pinterest. Pinterest has become a great game changer for so many bloggers, entrepreneurs, and large corporations as well. It is so interesting seeing how many businesses have had a lot of success with social media marketing.

It, therefore, comes as no surprise to find that 70 percent of all pins that are saved on Pinterest belong to businesses. This means that if you aren’t leveraging the benefits that come with this platform as a business, you are being left out.

Like any other social media platform, Hash Tags For Likes emphasizes that the number of followers that you have on Pinterest determines the credibility and authority on the niche that you have focused on.

What Can More Followers on Pinterest Mean for You?

With more followers on Pinterest, you are looking at the following benefits:

    • You get to become an authority on the niche, and you look more credible on the platform.
    • You increase web traffic to your landing page.
    • You can get more subscribers to your channels.
    • You get free marketing for your products and services.
    • You get more revenue.

So, how do you increase the number of followers for your Pinterest profile? Here are a few tips.

    1. Increase the Level of Engagement On the Profile

If you are engaging your followers on Instagram, you need to engage them more. This means being present on the platform at peak time and engaging with the followers at all times.

You can do this by manually pinning various times each week. You can also find content from the trending and exploration pages and re-pin the content. You can also pin other people’s pins manually, and follow any boards that you find relevant.

    1. Follow Others

If you are planning to sit back and get followers without doing anything, you are so mistaken. The best tactic to get more followers is to follow your competitor’s followers. The best thing is that you have the same target audience, and the chances are that if they followers your competitor, they will follow you too.

You can find competitors by searching for keywords that relate to your niche. Any person that has that specific keyword in their profile will show up in the search results.

    1. Make Use of the Search Bar

Without keywords, Pinterest would be hard to navigate. The use of keywords helps you to find what you are looking for, and it also helps followers find what they need.

Users make up to 2 billion searches on Pinterest each month. And the best way they find something on this platform is by searching for keywords. You can use the same strategy to find any relevant keywords and use the words in your profile and descriptions, both in pins and boards.

    1. Use Hashtags

Hashtags on Pinterest make it possible for you to see the pins that are relevant and new. If you want to be seen by followers that fall in a certain category, then you need to use hashtags the right way. Use the hashtags in your pin descriptions to make sure you are easily found. When you use the “#” sign, you will notice that you get popular suggestions, which are the trending hashtags that people are using. Don’t use all; select a few for each pin.

In Closing

Pinterest provides you with a platform to use as a marketing tool for your business. Take time to understand the best ways to understand your audience and create pins that make your audience like your posts. With the right approach, you can double the number of followers in just a few weeks.