The Dreaded Instagram Shadowban, And How to Avoid It

Today we look at one of the dreaded situations that happen on Instagram – the shadowban. Influencers, bloggers and brands are losing sleep regarding this aspect for some time now. The sad thing is no one knows when the ban comes, but when it comes it leads to stress like no other.

The shadowban, just as the name suggests, is a partial ban from the platform. It is not a total ban, rather a restriction from accessing the vibrant Instagram community and not from the app itself.

Signs Your Account has Been Shadowbanned

So, what shows that your account has been shadowbanned? The fastest and easiest way to know whether you are a victim of this phenomenon is to check whether your posts are appearing under those hashtags that you are applying to your account. If the posts are nowhere to be seen, then you are a victim. Well, this is unless you are using the commonplace hashtags for your content.

Another sign that your account has been affected is when other users don’t see your account when they search for it.

Why Are Accounts Shadowbanned?

No one knows exactly why accounts get shadowbanned. However, it is a sure bet that you can be a victim of this phenomenon if you don’t comply with the rules that Instagram has set down.

Instagram tries as much as it can to make the platform safe and fair for all users. However, the platform has tightened its rules on various aspects over the years to achieve this. If you have been shadowbanned, you must have caught the attention of the Instagram algorithm due to your activities on the site.

Some of the behaviours include spamming users, being reported repeatedly by other users, creating too much activity on your account within a very short period such as following people en masse.

At times, a shadowban might occur when you use notorious hashtags that have been marked as spam before. If you are using tools that have been identified by Instagram as suspicious, then a shadowban is looming.

Ways to Avoid the Shadowban

Obviously, being a victim of a shadowban takes you several steps back. You won’t have the ability to engage your audience and take advantage of this platform.

The most effective way to avoid the ban is to act naturally. Engage with your users naturally so that you don’t raise suspicion. If you decide to use a tool to automate your engagement, opt for one that generates real followers and follows a natural engagement pattern. One such tool is Audience Gain, which you can read about on The Small Business Blog.

If you get shadowbanned, don’t panic at first. Instead, make sure you know the cause and find the right remedy. There is a good chance that you can recover full functionality of the platform.

Takeaway Tip: Don’t Make It Worse

When you know that you have been shadowbanned, it is good to avoid a complete ban that might block access to your account. Stop doing whatever caused the problem in the first place.