Finding the Perfect Wedding Venue

Your wedding represents a grand occasion and you want it to be perfect. You have your own preferences that you wish to be a feature of the wedding. Being an auspicious occasion, you are looking for a way to make everything unique and memorable. Today we focus on the wedding venue, making the right choice and its role in your special day.

Go the Traditional way…or Not

Many people decide to stick to tradition and have the wedding in a church and then host the reception at another location. If this is the case, you need to try and get a reception venue that is near the church complete with a transport facility for the guests.

If you plan to have the wedding plus the reception at the same venue, you can opt for wedding venues that are specially designed for such events. These venues need to have necessary licensing and permission. This is much better for your guests since they don’t have to travel long distances to get to the reception.

The Size of the Wedding Venue

Another important consideration you need to make is choosing the size of the wedding venue. The size depends upon the number of guests that you plan to host at your wedding. You need to make sure the wedding venue has enough capacity to hold all the guests with room to spare.

If you plan to have a live band or a dance floor, then go for a larger venue since these things will definitely take up more space. Most of your guests will drive to the venue, making it imperative that you have a venue that has enough parking spaces.

The Time of the Year

The time of the year will dictate what kind of venue you choose. For one, it determines whether you have your wedding indoors or outdoors in a garden. Because many people prefer to have their wedding during the summer months, you will definitely organize a garden wedding.

The time of year also dictates whether you will get the venue or not. Summer sees most of the wedding venues fully booked, which means you have to book the venue months in advance. Therefore, make sure you set the wedding date according to the availability of the venue.

Your Budget

Budgeting for your wedding venue is all about assigning costs to different needs for this day. Depending on what you desire, you ought to assign a specific amount of cash to the venue, some to catering, some to transport, the cake and so on.

Having set up your wedding budget, you must have set aside some cash to use for the venue. The kind of budget you set will determine the venues you consider. All in all, make sure you don’t compromise on the suitability of the venue just to save a few dollars. Remember, the choice of the wedding venue might make or break the wedding.

Attached Meaning

You might have dreamt of the perfect wedding venue since you were a small girl or the venue might have a special meaning to both of you. For instance, the wedding venue might be in the town you grew up or the town you had your first date. Whatever the case, you need to be sure that the venue will give you a memorable wedding.

Food and Décor

Food is very important for any wedding. You can decide to use a venue that offers catering services or one that allows bringing your own caterer. Some venues will provide the wedding décor including the linen. A larger percentage doesn’t do this, which means you have to bring your own décor.

Your Wedding Theme

You choose the wedding venue depending on the theme you wish to execute. If you are looking for a traditional wedding, then a castle would work perfectly. The theme also helps you get the perfect background for taking high-quality photos to make a story. For instance, look at the Sawyer family farmstead and its suitability to your wedding.

In Closing

Make sure you get the perfect venue for your wedding in order to make it a success. Take time to check out the various venues depending on different factors to choose the best location for this special day.