How to Straighten Your Hair Quick & Easy in just a Few Simple Steps

Straightening your hair at home has many benefits because it allows you to obtain salon-quality styling for less. It is typically an easy task, however, if you have extremely thick or curly hair, you may have to take some extra time to get the results that you desire. There are a few steps that anyone can take in order to cut their hair straightening time in half and achieve smooth and silky hair without making a trip to the salon.

Always work with Clean Hair

Straighten Your Hair 1When your hair is clean, it will straighten much easier and you are less likely to end up with a strong burning smell after. Unless your hair is extremely oily, you do not have to wash it every day in order to ensure quality results. Washing your hair the day before you style it is usually sufficient for most individuals. If it has been longer than one day, you will need to wash before attempting to straighten your hair. Or if you are short on time you can choose to use a dry shampoo product in order to remove excess dirt, grease or residue for hair products.

Apply Heat Protection

Straighten Your HairIt may seem like a pointless additional step for some but a heat protection spray will help to keep you hair from becoming damaged in the future. Spray on a quality hair straightening serum and brush it through to avoid dried out and damaged hair later on.

Put up Half your Hair to make it easier to straighten

If you have a lot of hair to work with, it is best to clip up half of it so that you can focus on one area at a time. It should be easy to find natural layers that you will want to work with together. Use a hair clip or tie to easily place your hair up and out of the way until you are ready to work with it.

Start with the Bottom Layer First

straighten-your-hair-without-heat-or-chemicalsThe bottom layer can be straightened quickly and does not require a lot of extra time since it will be hidden by the top layer of hair. Most people only go over the bottom layer one time and then focus more on each additional layer as they work their way up. Another way to save time is to pull all your hair up in a ponytail and straighten the entire ponytail until it is completely straight. Then untie the ponytail and straighten out the ponytail mark or bump.

Additional Tips to Straighten Your Hair Quick & Easy

Once you have managed to straighten all your hair, brush it out as usual and spray it with hairspray or your preferred hair care product. You may also want to blow dry your hair using the cool setting as this will help keep your hair straight much longer. Remember, straightening your hair while it is still wet will cause further damage, so always make sure that your hair has had time to dry before you begin to style it.