Important Tips When Hiring a Plumber

Most of us have experienced plumbing problems every once in a while. Be it a broken water pipe or a dripping faucet, some of these problems can be fixed by you whereas others require the attention of an experienced plumber. If the problem at hand is beyond your plumbing skills, you may end up doing more harm by trying to fix the problem. Even so, hiring a plumber is not as easy and straightforward like many people assume. It is important to ask a number of questions and vet potential plumbers before making the final decision so as to get the right person for your specific plumbing needs. The tips highlighted below can be helpful when looking for a good plumber.


Some plumbers are licensed, whereas others are not because different states have different rules and regulations regarding plumber certification. Either way, hiring a licensed plumber means that the person you are trusting with such an integral part of your home operates within a set of rules and guidelines. It also means that he has met the standards set by the licensing board. Therefore, make sure you ask for the proof of licensing before hiring.


It’s important to hire a plumber who has had previous experiences with similar problems to yours. With plumbing being a broad field, you will find plumbers who are more experienced with piping problems such as leaks, clogging, and jointing whereas others only specialize in low flushing toilets. Therefore, ask the plumber if he has fixed similar problems in the past. If so, there is a high likelihood that he will fix the problem and you won’t be needing the services of a second plumber anytime soon.


Take your time to learn more about the problem you are having and who can best fix it the best. Most professional plumbers today have at least a website such as or a social media account. Read the reviews of previous customers to see what they say about the services they received. The feedback left by other clients can help you determine the level and quality of services you will get. You can also ask for references to get a first-hand account of what previous customers experienced. Any professional plumbers who have been in business for long will not have any problem giving you references.


Plumbing is not only integral in our homes, but also a delicate field that should be handled with care. A leaking pipe can burst within a very short time if not attended to appropriately. Therefore, hiring an insured plumber gives you peace of mind knowing that any damage caused to your house or the plumber will be covered, and not out of your pocket. As such, see to it that you hire an insured plumber.

Finally, it is important and assuring to know that the company you hire provides twenty-four-hour services. Ask if they offer any emergency call out services because most of these plumbing problems have a tendency of occurring at a weird time. If the boiler breaks or a pipe bursts at night, you need people who can respond within the shortest time possible and fix the problem. If you are not careful when hiring, you may have to wait for more than eight hours before your engineers show up.