The Best iPad Car Mount Holders

Having all sorts of holders in our cars is a common thing for the modern time. Cup holders, cameras, phone holders… All can be easily found as a normal addition to a vehicle’s interior.

But, if you find yourself more of a tablet, or to be exact, more of an iPad lover, do not fret, there are mount holders for that as well. Smartphone users might consider tablets to be impractical, however, it is a fact that they are a far better solution due to having a much larger screen that is perfect for in-car entertainment and navigation.

If using an iPad in your car is what you wish for then it’s time to find a perfect holder to match your car. Often you will find that car makers can’t provide you with a specific mounting solution for your vehicle and that job falls in your arms. Here, we will try to make that decision a little bit easier by reviewing and recommending some of the best iPad car mount holders that are out there and trust me, there is a great diversity of possibilities.

Among the top picks would be: iKross two in one tablet and cellphone adjustable swing extended cup mount holder. Yes, a long name. This holder is capable of holding a tablet up to 10.2″ as well as a phone. Therefore, it’s there to satisfy whatever the choice you end up making. It is supposed to be placed in a cup holder, so we suggest using the one in the center console of the vehicle. The arm of this holder is 10 inches long and allows rotation up to full 360 degrees. If you are worried about it falling out of your cup holder spot, don’t be, it is reported by the very customers that it is rather immovable when placed.

Gear beast headrest mount would be our second choice. This aggressive and bold looking tablet holder can handle both mini versions and 9.7″ iPads. Due to materials, it is made of (tough ABS plastic and rubberized interior) Gear beast minimizes the vibrations that could harm your tablet. The installation is quick and tool-less. The confidence of the company in this product is shown through it has a lifetime warranty.

Not far behind the Gear beast comes Kebelo M-CD2 universal magnetic CD slot car mount holder. CD slots are rather fragile, but the founders of Kaelo M-CD2 kept that in mind. Unlike the rest, it uses a magnetic attachment to hold your iPad or phone so that the weight of the mount itself is rather small. It is also superior in its elegance. Imperfections lie in worries of the customers that the magnets will weaken over time or that a hard knock will detach the tablet from the mounts. Still, none of these suspicions were proven to be true by the users.

The Okra universal tablet air vent car mount holder is an innovative product. Never before have air vents been used to mount tablets and phones and it comes with such a clever design! While it does use the went as an attachment point it also has another part that spreads and braces the weight against the dashboard. Okra provides us with a stable base that will surely keep your expensive tablet secured in place.

Another honorable mention goes to the Dealgadgets 360 degrees adjustable tablet car mount holder. A good old suction mounted holder that sticks onto the windshield and provides 360 degrees of rotation. The one flaw it has might be that it ruins your view or eventually ending up as a nuisance while you drive, it depends on how spacious your windshield is. If you have a vehicle with a large one, then this is not a problem to worry about. This is the easiest mount to attach and detach. More positive sides – it will stick to any smooth surface where it can seal well, so you can carry it from your car and use it in other places, like your office or a kitchen. Not a fancy choice, but a working one.

Lastly, we will talk about the Digital adjustable seat bolt car mount. This one bolts onto one of the same bolts that hold your car seats in place. It’s a long term solution that you will not be able to carry around unlike Dealgadgets 360. It uses a long gooseneck that is flexible and you can position it in any way that you like. Unfortunately, it is only able to support the iPad Mini series. Some might think that this is actually the ideal size of an in-car tablet. If you believe so as well and are looking for a more permanent solution, this is the one.

With such a great diversity of possibilities, you will surely find the one that’s perfect for you.