Money Saving Tips for People Who Spend Wads of Cash on Shopping

You can’t help but notice that watch sparkling from behind the display case. How about that pair of black leather Italian shoes? It would indeed add a dash of elegance to your business attire, wouldn’t it? Before you know it, you’ve already spent your money on the items. It’s a vicious cycle. Soon or later it will happen again – you just can help it!

You’re a shopaholic, and you know it. Well, if that’s the story of your life, there are frugal ways to get (almost) what you want without wasting too much money. Here’s a list of some handy tips.

Go for Refurbished Items if They Can Serve Your Needs

Did you know that you can cut the cost of an item by choosing a refurbished option?  A second hand Xbox One stereo headset will cost you considerably less than a new one. Also, you can save hundreds of dollars on a refurbished laptop more so if the brand doesn’t go on sale very often.

Of course, there are some risks involved but most of the time, used, or refurbished gadgets work nearly as good as new ones. If you don’t like the idea of buying secondhand items, you could also opt for older models. Let’s say you want to buy an electric kettle, for instance. A last year’s model may be cheaper by a couple of dollars even though that may depend on the brand.

All the same, buying a second-hand item will always save you money especially on electronics and kitchen appliances.

Read Reviews Before Buying

One of the biggest mistake shopaholics make is buying goods without knowing what to expect with them. Most buy based on the outer looks without caring much about the features and what the item can do. Of course, the ripple effect is that you end up spending your cash on a product that doesn’t offer any value.

It, therefore, makes perfect sense to read user and independent reviews to decide if a specific item is a good buy or not. Look for one with the most reviews. The rating matters too so go for one with the highest. Don’t ignore the negative remarks – they tell you the worst you can expect with the merchandise.

Speaking of which, Faucet Assistant is the place to visit for honest, in-depth reviews on top-rated kitchen faucets on the market.  That way, you can spend your cash from the point of information.

Dig for Promotions and Coupons

This is one of the best ways to save money for a shopping enthusiast. And, you don’t have to actively look for the coupons to avoid missing out on discounts. If you’re a regular shopper at a particular store, simply sign up for their newsletter. The idea here is to make the coupons “come to you” without spending too much time unnecessarily.

If you shop on Amazon, you can sign up for Amazon Coupons to get additional discounts on items that you’re already using. The system works just like the coupons you would clip on the newspaper only that with Amazon Coupons, you’ll cut on the item and the discounted gets deducted at check out.

The discount amount depends on the item you intend to buy. For example, you can save up to $20 on the NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1750 Smart Dual Band WiFi Router (R6700) with Amazon Coupons. Consider combining this system with other options such as Amazon Mom and Super Saver Shipping to save even more.

 Stick to the 80/20 Rule

Shopping till the last coin can have serious repercussion regarding your financial stability. As a rule of thumb, you need to put some aside for unseen occurrences. While saving is not one of the easiest of things to do for a shopaholic, you should save 20% of your earnings and spend the rest.

Follow this rule, and you can easily indulge in beauty accessories such as the Remington CI9538 T|Studio Salon Curling Wand and still have some money to spare for other items. The only thing to remember, however, is that the 20% savings are for long term expenses such as paying for your mortgage a few months early, creating an emergency fund or making a down payment for your home.

Never use the savings for short term savings such as purchasing any discretionary such as a new sandwich maker.

The Bottom Line

There is nothing wrong with spending your money however you want. But, it becomes a problem if you keep purchasing items expensively while you could have saved one or two bucks if you were a little bit sophisticated.  Aim at getting value for your cash as opposed to buying things aimlessly. Also, consider using a budget to help you trim down how you spend your money.