Tips to Prevent Frozen Pipes

As the winter looms the pipes in your home are prone to freezing, and you could end up spending significant amounts of money in repair costs. However, you can prevent the pipes from freezing and in some cases bursting by applying the following tips.

Insulating the Loft

Be sure to protect your loft as well as the sides of your tanks and all pipes using high-quality lagging. Consider visiting your nearest DIY store to purchase the right insulation materials. Open the loft hatch during cold days to allow circulation of warmer into the floor below.

If you will be away during the winter, it is a good idea to have someone check your home regularly to watch out for frozen or broken pipes. In case of an extended absence from home, you may as well consider draining down the system. Note that there a couple of exclusions if your home insurance your house remains unoccupied for a specified period. Read your policy document for finer details.

Take Care of Your Taps

Fit new washers to any dripping taps. The idea is to eliminate the possibility of your taps freezing and blocking the pipe. And if you don’t want to replace the washers, consider plugging the sink to direct any dripping water into the sink. Also, maintain your heating at low temps during cold seasons. That way, you can get the most out of frost protection thermostats on your heaters.

What if the Pipes Freeze But Do Not Burst?

Remove items such as furniture and cover carpet near the frozen pipe. That way, you’ll reduce damage if the pipe eventually bursts. Thaw the frozen pipe by opening the tap that’s nearest the pipe that you think is frozen to allow your water to flow smoothly.

Of course, you can thaw the ice in the pipe using a hot water bottle, a cloth soaked in hot water or a hairdryer. Start with the end of the tap working your way back to the cold water tank. Avoid using a heat gun or blow torch. You may as well place a heater in the room with frozen pipes but at a safe distance.

Hire a Heating and Plumbing Company

It makes perfect sense to use the services of a professional plumbing and heating company to check the pipes in your home just before winter starts. That way, you’ll rest assured your pipes will last throughout the cold season. On that note, hop over there to read about Eco Heat, a plumbing and heating company to know how they can prevent you frozen pipes during winter.