Top 5 Bots to Automate Your Social Media

Social media can be an addictive hobby, and with that very time-consuming. The time you can spend on much better things to do like doing actual work for your clients if you own a company or hang out with your friends or family if you work a day job.

For that reason we are going to look at some of the best bots we can find for the different types of social media platforms that are out there.

LinkedIn Helper

For LinkedIn there’s LinkedHelper, this bot helps you to make connections with your second and third contacts, has the ability to auto-message them when they accept your invitation request, and you can even set up an autoresponder to stay in touch with your new contacts.

On top of that it has an option to automatically unfollow people and withdraw invitation after x days, with some add-ons it’s even possible to export the data from your contacts into a spreadsheet so that you can add them to your own mailing list.

Social Steeze

At Instagram, we have Social Steeze which is a part bot, part growth service, or perhaps better said a bot that others manage for you. As soon as you sign up they will assign you a dedicated account manager that will go over your wishes.

They will ask you for the most relevant hashtags related to your account, and things like your specific niche and sub-niches, and locations that you want to target. Once they have everything in place they will run the bot for you and turn it into a 100% hands-free experience.

Have a look at Income Artist for more info about this and other growth services/bots.

Jarvee Pinbot

This bot is quite allround and not only suitable for Pinterest but a bunch of other platforms as well so I thought it’s definitely worth mentioning in this list. The bot is able to create a Pinterest board and post as many pins as you like.

It also has the ability to watermark your pins which is an excellent option to brand yourself, and their scheduler function makes working at Pinterest a breeze. Add to that the repin function and you got a real diamond on your hands.


This bot has been around for quite some time and it had some ups and downs as Facebook never stops updating their platform which results in the malfunctioning of bots. It has a ton of options so no matter what your purpose is, Facedominator can help you with it.

Their different modules include events, account, fan page, friends, wall, and group managers, and proxies are obviously supported or you would be banned in no time.


We have already reached the end of our list so what better than to finalize it with a bot for Twitter. As you can expect it can follow people, only to unfollow them if they don’t return the favor, plus it has the ability to retweet tweets that have the tendency to go viral. All to get you the exposure you need to get noticed by the masses.

That sums it all up, thanks for reading and I’d love to hear from you!