When Should You Replace Your Thermostat

If you know anything about smart homes, then you must know by now that the most powerful smart equipment in the world – the HVAC is just as good as the thermostat which controls its functions. Without the thermostat, the HVAC might not turn on and off as necessary.

At times, the thermostat ends up failing, and when this happens, you have to rely on the manual functioning of the HVAC for the HVAC unit to work. There are various reasons why you might need to buy a new thermostat; we explore them below.

It Isn’t Programmable

A programmable thermostat from Thermostat Center gives you various benefits as compared to a non-programmable one. Using a programmable thermostat helps you control the heating and cooling costs without having to do everything manually. Just come up with the right settings, and you can sleep or go away from home, and end up saving on energy!

It Is Not Digital

Things have rapidly changed, and the conventional thermostats are no longer in vogue. Instead, the digital thermostats are the ones in use at the moment. Older thermostats required a lot of manual intervention for them to work. This has made them less efficient, and they aren’t as accurate as their digital counterparts in setting and maintaining a preferred temperature.

It Doesn’t Give You the Features You Want

You might have an older model of the digital programmable thermostat, but the issue would be it doesn’t give you the features that you want in a thermostat. This makes it prudent that you upgrade to a newer version that gives you all that you need in the thermostat.

Newer models have different features that you might be interested in including:

  • Flexibility: the right thermostat gives you all the settings that you need to set different heating and cooling schedules for every day of the week. Some allow you to set a different schedule for weekdays and a different one for weekends. Holiday and vacation features are also available for proper control.
  • Better Display and settings: the latest thermostats feature large backlit displays and a great interface with touchscreen or touchpad controls that make it easier for you to see and adjust the settings of the thermostat. Some advanced models also give you voice control features.
  • Smartphone control: Some of the thermostats allow you t control them from anywhere using your smartphone, a feature that depends upon the Wi-Fi access integrated into the system.
  • Maintenance notifications: the best thermostat will remind you to change the filters, show system status and other alerts to put your system inefficient running mode at all times.
  • Memory backup: with a memory backup in place, the thermostat allows you to back up your data so that you don’t lose the settings in case of a power blackout.

You Have a New HVAC System

Any time you get a new HVAC system, you need to evaluate the thermostat and see whether it is perfect for the new system or not. If you are installing a new system, then you need a better thermostat to run it right. The thermostat you install in the home needs to be compatible with the HVAC unit for better performance. Talk to your supplier to suggest a few thermostats or go online to look at what is available before you pick the right one for your needs.

It isn’t working Properly

There are times when the thermostat isn’t working the way you expect it to do, and you aren’t getting the right temperature changes that you expected in the first place. When this happens, you are looking for a way to get one that is compatible with your needs and makes the whole system work efficiently. Evaluate the thermostat to see if it is working right or it is faulty because the issue might be a faulty thermostat. Call in a technician to check on the system and give recommendations to fit your needs.

Final Words

The HVAC unit in your home makes it possible for you to enjoy a comfortable living environment for the whole year long. With a programmable thermostat, you are looking at a way to reduce the need for manual manipulation of the HVAC to suit your needs.